Pod Cast Interview: How does our upbringing dictate our current situation and future aspirations?

Sep 18th, 2018


How do we bottle the ingredients that create success? What are the childhood influences that really shape someone’s future? How can we raise kids to be confident, positive, creative and resourceful? What can we do about it as adults?


These are all questions the talented Jodie Cook and the Clever Tykes team is working hard to get to the bottom of. To do this they are interviewing people they admire. The line-up includes entrepreneurs, CEOs, sportspeople, actors and many more inspiring people from all walks of life, to find out how they were brought up.


I was delighted to be part of this project and my interview with Jodie Cook about my background and how it has shaped me is here.


Oona Collins is the CEO of Potential Plus International and an executive coach with 25 years experience of developing emotionally intelligent leaders and high performing teams. Her work has taken her all over the world, coaching people of all different nationalities in senior and high profile positions. Oona’s client list includes Burberry, Warner Brothers and Virgin Airlines.


In this podcast we discuss Oona’s childhood; and the challenges she and her family faced that shaped her.  We speak about the incredible advice and guidance of her mother, and how Oona applies everything she learnt to the work she does in developing others.

– Clever Tykes Team


You can listen to the Podcast here.