At Potential Plus International, we work on the principle that greatness exists in everyone. We help our clients access this in their own unique way. What our clients most appreciate about us is that we deliver:

Results that are measurable and last. We are still working with our first client from 2001, and many of our client relationships span over 10 years.

Highly personalised programmes. We always stand in the shoes of our clients and their customers.

Care and attention. We pay great attention to understand fully what success looks like for our clients, and we like to give more than they expect.

Authenticity. Our partnership approach is based on integrity and trust. 95% of our business is through recommendation and referral.

Inspirational team of expert coaches and consultants. Our team of coaches have all enjoyed successful business careers prior to working with Potential Plus International. This means they understand the complexity and challenges of senior management roles, and draw upon commercial acumen and practical experience when working with you.

Oona Collins

A word from Oona Collins, Director and Founder

What makes the difference between good and exceptional performance? This is the question that began to fascinate me when I worked for many years as a Board Director and led international teams. I came to realise that outstanding performance does not depend solely on strong commercial acumen but in understanding – and harnessing – the personal motivators and values of people. By creating honesty among members of a team, you create trust, which in turn creates the ability to openly challenge and be challenged. The result is breakthrough behaviour change which leads to breakthrough business results.

That is why I founded Potential Plus International in 2001 – to bring support to people who truly want to excel. We are driven by a core belief – that you, our client, needs to see results. We continually develop and hone our coaching programmes to offer a powerful, relevant and unique experience to enable our clients to step up to and succeed at the ever-evolving challenges they face in their work and personal life.

I invite you to visit our testimonials page and if you would like to discuss how Potential Plus International might help you to achieve outstanding results, please contact me.