“Our Accelerate Success programme enables you to become a top operator who has presence and influence in the organisation. We help you achieve the breakthrough you require to become a true leader and pursue your career ambitions.”

Oona Collins

Accelerate Success

Experienced executive to exceptional leader

Our Accelerate Success programme is for executives with a strong track record of success who now want to make a breakthrough to achieve the next step up in their career. If you are already doing a good job, we help you to do a great job, to forge ahead and get to where you want to be.


You have a strong track record of commercial and operational success, getting results for your company.  You are ambitious to advance in your career. You are highly competent and you do a good job.

How do you now achieve the breakthrough required to get to where you want to be? How do you identify and remove the barriers that are holding you back to enable you to advance and achieve your full leadership potential?


Accelerate Success puts the strategies in place that will determine your future.

This practical, results-driven coaching programme takes place over several months, during which we address the key issues that will make a difference. Specifically, we develop how you interact with and influence those around you – key stakeholders and your team – and help you increase your authority and presence. Our role is to accelerate your performance and development in order to impact directly your advancement.

The Accelerate Success programme enables you to become a true leader and achieve your ambitions.

For more information, please download the programme pdf or contact us to discuss your needs.

“The programme has brought out the best in me and given our business a renewed focus and energy. The benefits have been transformational for many of the staff I am responsible for but the biggest change delivered is in myself for which I am very grateful.”

Tim MacPherson
Head of London Residential
Carter Jonas

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