“Vision Intensive is perfect for executives who have very little time to reflect – an opportunity to gain clarity on your vision and aspirations and to create an action plan that truly inspires you.”

Oona Collins

Vision Intensive Programme

Accelerate your Vision

Vision Intensive for Leaders is a one-to-one, in-depth coaching experience for senior executives. It provides a unique opportunity for high-quality accelerated thinking and visioning time. Away from the clamour and busy-ness of everyday life, you have space to access clarity on what is next for your leadership, your business, your career and your personal life. Working with a highly experienced and insightful coach, you generate breakthrough thinking about what matters to you today and an action plan to make it happen. You leave the programme with a vision that inspires you, and an action plan that truly motivates and engages you.


Who is it for?

Vision Intensive is for senior executives who want to step up or plan ahead with a personal and corporate vision. You may be in a new role and want to identify how to maximise your impact; you may be in the latter stages of your career and want to leave a legacy; you may be seeking to transform your professional and personal life in some way. What all our clients have in common is the desire to gain clarity on their aspirations, and create lasting outcomes that are meaningful and important to them.

For full programme details, please download the programme pdf or contact us to discuss your needs.

“Oona is a genius. She combines traditional leadership coaching with a modern, holistic approach. The Vision Intensive day allows you to escape to a peaceful location, away from the everyday, to focus on a better you. She guides you through a wonderful day to get your goals on track and build a plan to achieve them and be successful.”

Elizabeth Binder
Senior VP, Burberry